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Looking for ready stock of 925 sterling silver jewerly for end of the year SALES!!!!
- This is ready stock (no minimum required)
- This stock can be sent rightaway.
- updated 02 November 2016

Stock (a pdf file with 77 pages anything you can choose, very competitive prices)

Updates: 15 August 2016 
Evil Eye Jewelry->Beaded Bracelets
Keychains ->Evil Eye Keychains
Decorative Glass ->Special Design Wall Ornaments
Wall Accessories ->Wall Car Accesories
Car Accessories ->Wall Car Accesories

To see more new designs-> New Arrivals

Updates: 25 May 2016

Authentic Jewelry-> SEE FULL Category

New Designs and competitive prices!!!!

Updates: 01 April 2016
For all the new styles that we have added: NEW STYLES

Evil Eye Jewelry->Chain Bracelets
Keychains ->Rubber Bracelets
CZ EvilEye ->EvilEye Earrings
Fashion Necklaces -> Fashion Necklaces

Also added more designs in CZ Necklaces, CZ Bracelets and CZ Earrings, under 925 sterling silver jewelry (requires wholesale membership)

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