What is an evil eye?

What is an EvilEye?
According to a Turkish belief, an envious look cast upon you may bring bad luck.
A tradition that defines evil always provides a charm for protection.

We believe the eye looks out for us, protects us from the evil eye and bring good luck.
We hope it brings good luck to you as well.

The blue beads are made out of glass, plastic, ceramic are believed to protect the person or the object that carries them. They take the negative energy, the envious look to themselves and protect the person from the evils.

How glass evil eyes are used?
There are many possibilities and ways one can use blue beads. They are put on babies when they are born, used as accessories at homes, used in necklaces, pendants, bracelets or key rings. The only rule is that the beads are always with you, or in a visible position.

Our glass evil eyes catalogue consists of all the different kinds of beads and evil eyes. There are many different models from rosaries to key rings. Please visit our catalogue and for further details get in contact with us.