Offering evil eye jewelry, sterling silver evil eye bracelets, evil eye charms, wall ornaments, keychains, and all kinds of Turkish Handmade handicrafts.

Recent Updates to ilyasoglu.com

Updates: 01 April 2024 
Beaded Bracelets ->Custom Jewelry Beaded Bracelets with Evil Eye
Glass Art Ornaments ->Special Design Evil Eye Ornaments in Glass
Silver Pendants ->Small Evil Eye Pendants in 925 Sterling Silver

To see ALL new designs-> New Arrivals

Updates: 01 November 2023 
Silver Jewelry ->Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Necklaces
Sterling Silver Bracelets ->925 Sterling Silver Classic Knitted Bracelets
Wall - Car Ornaments ->Wall Ornaments

Updates: 01 April 2023 
Brass Jewelry -> Bracelets, Rings and much more
Sterling Silver ->Classic Knitted
Sterling Silver ->Necklaces
Silver Pendants ->Enamel Eye Pendants
Wall Ornaments ->Glass Ornaments

Updates: 01 December 2022 
Wall Ornaments -> Wall Accesories
Home & Decoration ->Others
Wall Ornaments ->Macromes
Evil Eye Jewelry ->Glass - Plastic Beads
Wall Ornaments ->Glass Wall Art
Keychains ->Evil Eye Keychains
Wall - Car Ornaments ->Ceramic Balls and Ornaments
Wall Ornaments ->Metal Wall Ornaments

Updates: 25 January 2022 
Wall Ornaments -> Wall Accesories
Wall Ornaments ->Modern Eyes
Wall Ornaments ->Macromes
Evil Eye Jewelry ->Beaded Bracelets
Wall Ornaments ->Glass Wall Art
Keychains ->Evil Eye Keychains
Home Decoration ->Brass - Copper
Silver Necklaces ->Tourmaline Collection