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After a few years, we have finally updated our website.
What is new about the website:
Shopping cart: you can now finalize your orders online
With your e-mail and password, you can save your cart, and come back later
You can do decisions of colors, sizes and much more online.
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Ilyasoglu, the leader of evil eyes market for exports and domestic sales in Turkey, is now a well-known brand all around the country. We have taken our place in all the bazaar duty-free shops of the country. Tourists now find our products in the Turkey's major airports.

A new method for payments of your wholesale orders: 25 January 2006 In additional to wire transfer method, you can now pay with

128 bit encrypted secure checkout

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History & Meaning of Glass Evil Eyes
What lies behind the tradition? Why evil eyes became so popular all around the world?

Here, you will be able to find all about the evil eyes...

Need some Information on How to Play Backgammon or Smoking Waterpipes? You can the information you need on the links below. 15 November 2005
How to Play Backgammon?
History of Waterpipe

Recommends for tipsy and comfortable smoking

How to prepare a waterpipe to smoke?

Packaging of merchandise
Beginning 01 March 2005 EU countries, USA and many other countries started applying the new ISPM 15 Standards. Due to health problems in the world, many countries apply the new ISPM regulations and no longer accepts wood boxes. Thus, starting on 01 June 2005 we began sending all of our items in very strong carton boxes.

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to see how we pack all our items... 01 June 2005

Ilyasoglu in the Press and Awards Taken

Weekly Magazine: Economist 27.04.2008

...After 15 years of export of evil eyes, the company sells to many different department stores from all around the world....
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Magazine: ZUCHEX April-May 06 Edition

...everybody is importing from China and India, we are selling our products to these countries. We establish our domestic sales by selling to Grand Bazaar and free-shops all around the country...
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Ilyasoglu Ltd. Co. was awarded by Istanbul Chamber of Commerce for its great success in export of gift items to all over the world.
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Newspaper: SABAH 07.09.2004

...We use the technology quite successfully by updating our web site frequently and informing our customer with the new models we have. The friendship we make with our customers....
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Newspaper: TERCUMAN 01.06.2004

...The journey which began with a 3000 USD capital about 35 years ago, now reaches 4 million dollars of revenue. There are over than 100 workshops...
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Newspaper: ZAMAN 23.02.2004

...Now Ilyasoglu Limited Company stands as the sole exporter of evil eyes to all over the world. After asking him why to start such a business, Mr.Nafi Ervaron mentioned that he tried to fill in the gap in the Turkish Handicrafts Sector. He is willing to introduce the handicrafts sector
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